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  • Cutter Suction Dredger
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    Cutter Suction Dredger

    Julong can provide a wide range of choices for the cutter suction dredgers. It can meet customers' requirements for different applications. In the meantime, Julong prepare ready dredgers in workshop, which can greatly shorten the delivery time. The modular structure makes the...
  • Jet Suction Dredger
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    Jet Suction Dredger

    Julong jet suction dredger, equipped with high-pressure water jet and water pump, pumps sand and then discharge it to the destination by pipeline. Julong jet suction dredger is easy to operate and of high efficiency, which is applied for rivers dredging, lakes and ponds...
  • Bucket Dredger
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    Bucket Dredger

    JLBCD40, 60, 80, 100, 120 series bucket chain dredgers have good ability to fit different kinds of geologic structure. With the advantages of stable performance, long working life, low cost, high efficiency and little maintenance, bucket chain dredger is suitable for sand...
  • Multi-purpose Dredger
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    Multi-purpose Dredger

    Julong amphibious multipurpose dredgers are designed with pontoons and track, which can be used both on land and in water. It is equipped with bucket, cutter, slurry pump, collecting rake and fork which can be used for sand excavating, weed cutting, slurry pumping, weed...
  • Gold Mining Machinery
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    Gold Mining Machinery

    Qingzhou Julong Environment Technology Co., Ltd. Manufactures and sells various innovative gold mining equipments. Our gold mining equipment is built to run 24/7. Julong has been designing and building reliable gold separation and mining equipment for over 20 years. Julong...
  • Titanium Mining Machinery
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    Titanium Mining Machinery

    Feature of Julong Titanium Mining Machinery: High processing capacity High concentration ratio and high recovery Fabricated with highest quality material Easy to install, operate and maintain The pulsation speed very easy adjusted by regulator Suitable for roughing and...
  • Water Weed Harvester
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    Water Weed Harvester

    ulong water weed harvester is usually used in river, lake, reservoir and coasts for cutting, collecting, storing and transporting water weed and floating garbage. The ship can not only cutting and collecting all kinds of aquatic plants, reeds, water hyacinth, but also...
  • Water Hyacinth Harvester
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    Water Hyacinth Harvester

    The automatic water hyacinth harvester is mainly used to salvage the water hyacinth and alligator weed in rivers and lakes, and it can also collect floating garbage in the water surface. The vessel has beautiful appearance. Its main hydraulic motor, proportional valves and...
  • Alligator Weed Harvester
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    Alligator Weed Harvester

    Full automatic alligator weed harvester is used for cutting and gathering aquatic weed like alligator in reservoirs, rivers and lakes. The machine is designed for easy operation. All the collecting, stocking and transporting device can be completed by one man via operating...
  • Trash Skimmer
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    Trash Skimmer

    The aquatic trash skimmer is mainly used to collect and salvage floating trash like bamboos, branches, rubbish bags, etc. in reservoir, lakes, rivers and seashore. At the same time, it can unload the collected trash automatically into the designed ship, bank pier, garbage...
  • Sargassum Harvester
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    Sargassum Harvester

    The automatic sargassum harvester can collect water weed and floating garbage in rivers. All mechanical movements, including the paddle wheel, cutting knives, conveying chain and collection wheel are controlled by hydraulic system. It has strong water weed mowing function and...
  • 20 Inch 3500cbm/hr Hydraulic Cutter Suction Dredger
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    20 Inch 3500cbm/hr Hydraulic Cutter Suction Dredger

    The Cutter Suction Dredgers are of steel construction, non self-propelled, dismountable type, which are able to berth and dredge at any waters both in the coastal area and inland rivers. Dredging depth: 15m Dredging capacity: 3500m3/hr Discharge distance: 1500m
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