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trash skimmer

  • Water Hyacinth Harvester

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    Water Hyacinth Harvester

    The automatic water hyacinth harvester is mainly used to salvage the water hyacinth and alligator weed in rivers and lakes, and it can also collect floating garbage in the water surface. The vessel has beautiful appearance. Its main hydraulic motor, proportional valves and hydraulic blocks are...

  • Trash Skimmer

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    Trash Skimmer

    The aquatic trash skimmer is mainly used to collect and salvage floating trash like bamboos, branches, rubbish bags, etc. in reservoir, lakes, rivers and seashore. At the same time, it can unload the collected trash automatically into the designed ship, bank pier, garbage trucks and other...

  • Water Weed Harvester

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    Water Weed Harvester

    ulong water weed harvester is usually used in river, lake, reservoir and coasts for cutting, collecting, storing and transporting water weed and floating garbage. The ship can not only cutting and collecting all kinds of aquatic plants, reeds, water hyacinth, but also collecting garbage, leaves...