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Qingzhou Julong Environment Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: Masong Village, Huanglou Town, Qingzhou City, Shandong Province, China 

Contact us: Ben Wang

Tel: +86-536-3837236

Fax: +86-536-3836888

Mobile: +86-18663633168 (Ben Wang) 



Customer focus
We involve KAT machinery and competitive customers in R&D projects to help us better understand their needs, and work with us to develop and test new models that respond to those needs.
Customer input has guided improvements in serviceability, visibility, stability, power, ease of transport, extended time between refueling, noise reduction and cold-weather starting, just to name a few.
Protecting the environment
We know that responsible resource management is vital to our company, our employees, our customers, our neighbors, and our world. We work tirelessly to develop and offer products that are sound and sensible, efficient and effective.
Enhancing lives
A great machinery company is also a great citizen. Throughout our effort, KAT machinery has stepped up to support and enrich the quality of life and works, as well as other parts of the world.